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Contract logistics offered by e-Stores is a service consisting of the comprehensive management of the warehouse operations of a customer choosing to outsource logistics processes. Our innovative tools and highest quality standards make us the ideal partner when it comes to building and maintaining an efficient supply chain.


As part of contract logistics, we offer services such as:

  • storage of goods on pallet or shelf racks,
  • deconsolidation of containers, unloading of goods and palletising,
  • packaging and sorting of goods,
  • Quality control, inventory and reporting,
  • handling and management of return packaging.


We can also take care of additional services on request – labelling, foiling and creation of promotional kits. 



Advantages of contract logistics

A company using contract logistics can fully focus on business development. On marketing activity, expanding the customer base, introducing innovations and increasing the quality of the products offered. Contract logistics is therefore an excellent option both for small businesses that do not have their own warehouses and logistics department, and for larger businesses embarking on a path of rapid growth. Anyone interested in using e-Stores is welcome to contact us.

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