The e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace. New online shops are constantly being set up and existing ones are growing and increasing their turnover. Increasing turnover means, on the one hand, more profit, but on the other, the turnover is becoming increasingly time-consuming and complicated to handle orders. Fortunately, today you can take advantage of fulfilment offers for online shops. This is an excellent option for both small businesses that do not have their own warehouses and for shops that have embarked on a path of rapid growth.



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What is fulfilment?

Fulfillment for e-commerce involves delegating all tasks related to the storage of goods and the packaging of online orders and their dispatch to a third-party company. Everything is done within an integrated system that guarantees the fastest delivery of products to customers and minimises the risk of mistakes. Achieving similar efficiency in a company that does not specialise in logistics would be extremely difficult.



What benefits does fulfilment bring to online shops?

The vendor using fulfilment focuses on the online aspect of the business, leaving the tangible activities to the company working for them. It can therefore devote all its resources and time to acquiring new customers and expanding its product range.

With fulfilment, the busiest times of the year, such as the last days before Christmas or the seasonal sales, mean that profits are already incremental with no incremental problems. The increased turnover of the online shop does not result in the need to hire additional staff and look for additional storage space.

Scalability and the facilitation of expansion, including overseas—these are further advantages of using fulfilment. As in the pre-Christmas sales example above, there are no additional logistical challenges associated with increasing order volumes in the long term. Even when an online shop starts shipping to foreign customers, which could normally mean additional complications. The availability of warehouses in overseas markets guarantees fast delivery to the target customer, all in a single warehouse system, integrated with the customer’s sales system.

Fulfillment also provides a number of advantages over competing online shops that do not use a logistics company. Delivering the goods to the customer the day after the purchase is no longer a challenge. On top of this, the packaging (as selected by the customer) and dispatching are carried out by people who are dedicated to these tasks on a daily basis and who have been appropriately trained.

Finally, fulfilment ensures cost optimisation. The e-commerce business owner pays monthly for the actual warehouse space used and the number of orders processed. The advantages of such a solution cannot therefore be overestimated and we invite anyone interested in using our services to contact us.

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