Fulfillment for e-commerce


We provide comprehensive support for online shops and optimise all processes, from strategy implementation to logistics support. We assist in entering new markets, including overseas. We offer fulfilment for e-commerce. That is, we take on all the tasks involved in receiving goods, storage, picking and packing, shipping and handling returns.


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We invite you to use the services of our company, which specialises in the Amazon FBA PREP service. Our offer includes the complete preparation of products for shipment to Amazon FBA distribution centres, so that your products can be brought to market quickly and easily.


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Product photography for your shop


Stand out from the competition with professional product photography. We offer packshots and rotating and 3D photos. High-quality images of any type of product. We use the latest technology to ensure that the photographs we take meet the highest expectations.





Contract logistics


For companies interested in outsourcing their logistics processes, we offer a contract logistics service. As part of this service, we not only handle the storage of goods, but also their unloading and loading, packaging, sorting and quality control. The company using our services can thus fully focus on business development.


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Storage of goods


Not every company needs to maintain its own storage space. Moreover, for many companies, this is not a cost-effective solution at all. A much more favourable option is to use the goods storage service offered by our company. Its scope includes not only the storage of products for a certain period of time, but also their loading and unloading or packaging and repackaging.


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Storage space


We have warehouse space for rent located in Szczecin and the surrounding areas. Our modern and well-equipped warehouses will meet the expectations of even the most discerning companies – regardless of their size and the type of products they offer.


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