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Dietary Supplements and Food Products

Storing dietary supplements and food products often requires adjusting the conditions in warehouses, such as humidity levels and temperature. In our facilities, we ensure not only comprehensive order handling but also the proper adjustment of other aspects necessary for the correct storage of these products. We implement the HACCP system, and we are constantly supervised by SANEPID.

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Efficient cosmetics storage requires meeting several crucial conditions, with ensuring the right climatic conditions in warehouses being just one of them. That’s why in our company, we guarantee packaging all products according to your needs and offer comprehensive services related to order fulfillment. Importantly, we provide batch number control, expiration dates, and orderly product issuance.

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Medical Products

When storing medical products, maintaining the highest quality standards and control over temperature, humidity, and cleanliness in the facilities is crucial. In our company, we also monitor the expiration dates and batch numbers of all medical products, ensuring that the goods ordered by your customers reach them in the proper condition and as per their orders.

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The apparel industry requires comprehensive services, including proper clothing storage, handling and verifying returns, order assembly, customized packaging, and prompt delivery to the specified location. In our company, we are happy to handle all of this for you and tailor our services to your needs, allowing you to fully focus on more crucial aspects of your business development.

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At e-Stores, we ensure that the entrusted electronics are entirely safe not only during their storage in our warehouses but also during their delivery to customers. We properly package all products, secure them against damage, and automatically dispatch them according to orders, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Toys and Children’s Products

If you operate an online store with various toys and children’s items that is rapidly expanding, take advantage of our warehousing and logistics services. In our company, we provide not only flexible adaptation to your needs but also an easy possibility of making changes in our future collaboration.

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Books and Printing Materials

By using our warehousing and logistics services designed for online bookstores, printing companies, or publishers, you can save a significant amount. In our company, we provide facilities with ideal conditions for storing books, paper, or various packaging materials, and we carefully package all products. We also ensure efficient fulfillment of both small and very large orders.

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