What can help in organizing merchandise handling in an online store?

Logistic Outsourcing, also known as contract logistics, is gaining more and more advocates among Polish entrepreneurs. It involves transferring the responsibility for logistical operations to an external company. This allows the entrepreneur to focus on the development of their business, while logistics specialists take care of activities such as unloading and palletizing goods, warehousing, picking and sorting, quality control and inventory management, as well as handling returns.

Logistic Outsourcing for Small Businesses

Contract logistics aids in the growth of small enterprises. In their case, utilizing the services of logistics experts is often more cost-effective than renting warehouses and hiring additional employees. Fixed costs are reduced, and variable costs are directly related to what the company actually utilizes. Simultaneously, logistic outsourcing facilitates business scalability and rapid growth—increased turnovers signify only profit gains, not logistical problems. Contract logistics also enhances competitiveness in terms of shipping speed and customer service quality.

Contract Logistics in Cross-Border Sales

Logistic outsourcing is a service that benefits not only small companies. It also proves effective for larger enterprises seeking international expansion, such as entering the German market. The number of Europeans willing to buy products from our country is growing, but they are not inclined to wait long for delivery. Efficient dispatch of shipments to foreign customers can be facilitated through collaboration with a logistics company that possesses warehouse space both in Poland and Germany. Such warehouse location significantly simplifies return and complaint management as well.

Logistic Outsourcing – Summary

“A professional logistics operator has a qualified workforce and modern technological solutions that most entrepreneurs do not have access to,” emphasizes a representative of the logistics company e-Stores. “Therefore, they alone are unable to achieve similar efficiency when it comes to swiftly delivering products to customers while simultaneously minimizing the risk of errors.”

Hence, owners of not only small businesses or those entering foreign markets should consider availing themselves of such a service. Any company lacking its own warehouses and logistics departments potentially can benefit from collaborating with an operator such as e-Stores. Everything should be carefully calculated and the most optimal solution chosen. We encourage you to get in touch with our advisors, who will gladly provide key information.